Eleven Weeks

I am so close to being out of the first trimester, just one more week. It’s the worst of all the trimesters. I promise you this. Coming from someone who has done this twice now.

Last weekend we had a lovely weekend at Disney World. Anna FINALLY has started hugging Disney characters on her own. I hope we aren’t worn out of Disney by the time we leave, but we still have 2 more scheduled trips and a few more months. Fingers crossed.

IMG_0998 IMG_0996 IMG_0990 IMG_0982 IMG_0954

In other news, I have my first Doula client! She is due in March and this is her third baby, first doula. She really wants me to act as a bridge between her and a her husband (which was the same reason I wanted a doula). I am so excited to work with this family! And to attend my first birth as a doula. I have high hopes, and think that I am going to do GREAT. (Because of course).

Anyway, on to baby stuff!

How Far Along: 11 weeks
Size of Baby: Poker Chip
Total Weight Gain: I’m changing the batteries in our scale tonight, and if isn’t fixed, HELLO Amazon Prime. I look like I’ve gained some weight, but the scale says I haven’t.
Symptoms: Hungry. All the time.
Eats: I could not eat enough pickles or SpaghettiOs this week. In fact, I still haven’t eaten enough. I’ll probably open a can of SpaghettiOs for dinner tonight. Consider me a #foodie.
Best moment of the week: Disney with Anna. She’s really opening up into it and it’s a delight to watch.
What I’m looking forward to: Sunday we are swimming with manatees!! Eek!!
Milestones: As of today the baby is completely together and just needs to grow into its little body. Which means–I am so close to a glass of WINE. I can taste it. I cannot wait. I’m going to savor it and love it. It’s just been so stressful the past few weeks that I legit just need to relax/unwind.



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