Second Pregnancy

The first trimester theoretically should be over today.

How come I still feel sick all day? Insert dagger emojis.

Here are some fun things I have learned in the past 12 weeks:

  1. Second pregnancies are worse for everyone. Everyone has told me that they felt awful during their second. This should be a warning. This should be a known thing. Not a “oh you’re pregnant? you feel awful? Jokes on you, everyone does.”
  2. Out of breath by the time I get to the top of the stairs. I do not remember this happening this early in the first pregnancy, but I do remember it clearly towards the end of the last one.
  3. Your body can change and you can not gain a pound of weight. (new scale confirms this).
  4. Pregnancy brain starts earlier this time around.

It gets better? At least I can get pregnant? Side eye.

How Far Along: 12 weeks
Size of Baby: French Macaron
Total Weight Gain: So zero pounds. According to the scale, the new scale that I bought. 134 this morning. I’ll take it.
How am I doing: I’m fine. I’m exhausted and tired and antsy and anxious but too exhausted to do anything. I need to clean the house, and I need to do some grocery shopping, and I need a break. And I need to do something. So, I’m really in a conundrum here.
Movement: Nothing yet. But, from my previous posts it looks like I felt Anna around 14/15 weeks. I’ve heard with second babies women tend to feel them earlier (noticing a trend here?). So I’m thinking I should be able to feel it in the next couple of weeks.
Status of my Belly: It’s bloated and popped. I don’t know why this week it looks smaller than last week, but I am definitely in maternity pants these days.
Doctor’s Appointments: I have my second sonogram in one week. This one without the frustration as last time. And to disappoint you all–we still aren’t finding out the sex of our baby.




One thought on “Second Pregnancy

  1. I felt sick until about 14 weeks this time, and felt movement about the same time that I started feeling better. I think it’s worse the second time because we have to be a parent on top of being sick!

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