18 weeks (eeek)!

Holy man! 18 weeks. That’s crazy. Everyone says it goes by so fast and in the day to day, it does not seem that way at all, but here we are with a new week to post about and an apology for skipping last week (I was at Disney, again). Plus, there was literally nothing pregnancy related to announce.

As I’ve been on this journey (again) I periodically look at my old posts to see if things are lining up the same as last time. Usually they are, my peak annoyances hit around the same time, I do feel bored and complacent with pregnancy in the beginning, yaddi, yaddi, yaddi. Interestingly enough, my pregnancy surprises for second trimester were SPOT ON the same. So for those of you about to enter your second trimester or already in it, this is what is going on with me:

  1. Backache. Especially while sleeping. Phil says I can’t get a pregnancy pillow so I am making a fort of assorted pillows (and wishing we were in our forever home so we could please have a king size bed). It seems like I am only comfortable on my back and at this point, that’s frowned upon.
  2. Insomnia: Between peeing and uncomfortableness this has been a delight. And my husband who sleeps light as a feather isn’t too pleased with it either.
  3. Gums. Brushing my teeth has become a disaster. It’s just gross.
  4. Boobs are still at peak glorious. Seriously. I keep taking pictures of my cleavage to show my surgeon in a few years what I want them to look like. (You do you, and I’ll do me).
  5. Congestion. We’ve pulled the humidifIer upstairs because otherwise I can’t breath. WE LIVE IN FLORIDA AND WE NEED A HUMIDIFIER.
  6. Peeing allllll the time. More than I did first trimester.
  7. I do not have round ligament pain yet. I’m about 2 weeks off from when it started last time so…knock on wood?
  8. Baby is moving and grooving a lot.
  9. This time around I do have Braxton Hicks A LOT more than I did with Anna. Like a significant amount more. So my doctor has me taking progesterone pills until 37 weeks just because Anna came early and we don’t want to risk this one coming early.

So that’s it. the baby is doing it’s thing, I’m doing mine. And everyone is tip top happy.


How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of Baby: Sugar Glider/ Croissant
Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs. I think I’m on track? I don’t know. I need new pants. Send new pants.
Movement: All of the time. Okay not all of the time, but just usually right after eating and right at bedtime. Which is totally normal.
Status of my Belly: We are still in the adorable bump stage, but also the “are you sure you’re pregnant? where are you hiding that baby?”
Doctor’s Appointments: Next Friday for the sonogram to make sure I didn’t give this baby fetal alcohol poisoning when we were on the cruise.


Sweet 16

Hurray! 16 weeks. Is this a milestone? Am I four months pregnant? Am I anywhere near a half way point??

So first of all, my friend Kathleen the lovely owner of Oh Baby! Fitness has assured me that my weight situation IS FINE. Also, when I checked in at the doctor, she told me I was fine. So I’m just going to zip it and be grateful that I have been lucky in the weight gaining department. (Although, when I got on the scale last night and it said 139, I was a little OMG! I HAVEN’T SEEN 140 IN A LONG TIME). Also, which ever one of my parents gave me a long torso, THANK YOU. Truly the blessing of both pregnancies.

I have to say, this pregnancy is making me really miss Richmond. Not just because of friends and food (ohmygod the food, neat fact Richmond was named as one of National Geographic’s Best Places to visit for food.)

Back to the point, my centering class was just not the same. There were only 2 other women in attendance and the list only included five people all together. It didn’t run as smoothly as MCV’s Centering, and sigh, it just wasn’t the same. According to some of my previous centering gal pals, our group really was special and not all groups connect like we did, but it was a little disappointing. Additionally, there is only ONE pregnancy workout class here. ONE. And it was kind of…lame. In Richmond, the yoga class provided the opportunity to connect with other pregnant women. This one was more like, okay, work out and then leave. No talking. No connecting. Breath and GTFO.

I bought 3 passes, so I have to go back for two. I might go back to Barre, just because it’s closer and at least even if the women weren’t pregnant they were FRIENDLY.

So, needless to say. My love affair with FL is over. Good thing.


Pregnancy updates

How Far Along: 16 weeks
Size of Baby: Philippine Tarsier/Avocado
Total Weight Gain: Officially (as of last Friday) 5lbs. Which is pretty accurate for first trimester weight gain. Now I am supposed to be on the pound per week program.
How am I doing: Fine. I am getting the itch to purge …and I might be doing that this weekend. Ready or not, Phil. We’ve got some cleaning to do.
Movement: BARELY. Every now and then I can feel the little bubbles and they are definitely not gas.
Status of my Belly: We have entered the adorable pregnancy bump stage.
Doctor’s Appointments: Last week went well. Heart beat was good, blood pressure a bit higher than normal (but nothing to worry about). Next appointment will be February 5th for the anatomy ultrasound (no, we will not be finding out the sex this time).

15 Weeks

I’ll be honest. I was really anticipating that I would be fully in the “I’m pregnant and glowing and feel the baby” zone by now. And I’m not. I mean, I am, but I am not.

Supposedly based on previous journal entries I felt the same way around this time, because I didn’t FEEL pregnant. I haven’t felt the baby move (I checked on the fetal doppler last night and it’s still alive and beating, so, maybe shim is just lazy?) I also feel guilty for not being totally over the moon baby like I feel like I am supposed to be? I was when we first found out, and now I’m in this zone of antsyness.

I’m getting there! I promise. I think I have about two more weeks left in my normal pants. They fit. Sortof. Not in a flattering way. #pleasesendmoneyforpants


How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of Baby: Yellow Canary/Eclair/Avocado
Total Weight Gain: Maybe 2 lbs? I have had to start calorie tracking because I do not know if I am eating enough, even though I feel like I am. And also, I need to eat like 27 meals between 7-12 or else I might not make it.  Also, I’m not entirely sure why not gaining any weight right now is stressing me out. I didn’t gain this with Anna, and I hadn’t picked back up running yet, so…maybe I just need something to worry about.
How am I doing: I’m antsy for something. Pregnancy, *news*, cleaning, I don’t know what, but I feel shifty and needing to do things, but also needing to sit on the couch and literally do nothing but play Candy Crush.
Movement: Nothing yet. Insert side eye emoji.
Status of my Belly: It’s visible. But visible in the like, did you eat a Chipotle burrito for lunch? Catch me around 9pm at night though. That sucker is huge.
Doctor’s Appointments: I start Centering Pregnancy tomorrow. I am really excited about this. As you recall, I did this at MCV and it was amazing. It’s a group of women all due at the same time (June/July). The first half hour is boring take your vitals (hear your baby!), and the rest is just like group therapy. And you know I love a good group therapy. It is probably my most favorite thing.

If you are newly pregnant, I highly suggest checking out the centering page to see if one is offered in your area. I’ll even make the push for you to switch doctors, that is how passionate I am about it!

Blogging Breather

Hello! Have you missed my weekly updates? I’ve been off work for 10 glorious/too long days.

Seriously. I was that kid in August who was READY to go back to school. I just can’t sit around and do nothing for that long. Not that we did nothing, but just…nothing productive.

Well–I take that back, we tried the three day potty train method with Anna and gave up exactly 1.5 days into it. AND I’M FINE WITH IT. It’s okay, she’s still young, plenty of time, two kids in diapers isn’t the end of the world and it wasn’t worth the stress on our family. I mean, it would be one thing if it was clicking for her, but it wasn’t. She would pee and then go about whatever she was doing. No oops, no realizing, just…ha, pee on the floor, Mom!  We tried, it didn’t work, moving on.

We also spent a lovely 10 days with both parents. We went on a cruise, and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. It also confirms that I am NOT cruise person. I forgot all of these from our previous cruise 5 years ago, but I am prone to motion sickness, suffer vertigo for DAYS afterwards, and do not like being confined for that long. If I was to recommend a cruise I would 100% say go European where you can explore different places, but the Bahamas? Nah. Go to an all inclusive resort. A beach is a beach is a beach (or a pool is a pool is a pool).

Additionally! I am 14 weeks! I won’t post a usual update because I’m writing in my bed and I just really, really, really want to sleep. Edited: Now I am at work, and really can’t think of anything exciting to add except that I start my Centering group this week which is pretty exciting!

But 14 weeks! 2 lbs. Still don’t feel the baby, although according to journal entries from before, I should start feeling Shim in the next week or so. Come on baby.

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14 Weekes