Blogging Breather

Hello! Have you missed my weekly updates? I’ve been off work for 10 glorious/too long days.

Seriously. I was that kid in August who was READY to go back to school. I just can’t sit around and do nothing for that long. Not that we did nothing, but just…nothing productive.

Well–I take that back, we tried the three day potty train method with Anna and gave up exactly 1.5 days into it. AND I’M FINE WITH IT. It’s okay, she’s still young, plenty of time, two kids in diapers isn’t the end of the world and it wasn’t worth the stress on our family. I mean, it would be one thing if it was clicking for her, but it wasn’t. She would pee and then go about whatever she was doing. No oops, no realizing, just…ha, pee on the floor, Mom!  We tried, it didn’t work, moving on.

We also spent a lovely 10 days with both parents. We went on a cruise, and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. It also confirms that I am NOT cruise person. I forgot all of these from our previous cruise 5 years ago, but I am prone to motion sickness, suffer vertigo for DAYS afterwards, and do not like being confined for that long. If I was to recommend a cruise I would 100% say go European where you can explore different places, but the Bahamas? Nah. Go to an all inclusive resort. A beach is a beach is a beach (or a pool is a pool is a pool).

Additionally! I am 14 weeks! I won’t post a usual update because I’m writing in my bed and I just really, really, really want to sleep. Edited: Now I am at work, and really can’t think of anything exciting to add except that I start my Centering group this week which is pretty exciting!

But 14 weeks! 2 lbs. Still don’t feel the baby, although according to journal entries from before, I should start feeling Shim in the next week or so. Come on baby.

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13 Weesks
14 Weekes

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