15 Weeks

I’ll be honest. I was really anticipating that I would be fully in the “I’m pregnant and glowing and feel the baby” zone by now. And I’m not. I mean, I am, but I am not.

Supposedly based on previous journal entries I felt the same way around this time, because I didn’t FEEL pregnant. I haven’t felt the baby move (I checked on the fetal doppler last night and it’s still alive and beating, so, maybe shim is just lazy?) I also feel guilty for not being totally over the moon baby like I feel like I am supposed to be? I was when we first found out, and now I’m in this zone of antsyness.

I’m getting there! I promise. I think I have about two more weeks left in my normal pants. They fit. Sortof. Not in a flattering way. #pleasesendmoneyforpants


How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of Baby: Yellow Canary/Eclair/Avocado
Total Weight Gain: Maybe 2 lbs? I have had to start calorie tracking because I do not know if I am eating enough, even though I feel like I am. And also, I need to eat like 27 meals between 7-12 or else I might not make it.  Also, I’m not entirely sure why not gaining any weight right now is stressing me out. I didn’t gain this with Anna, and I hadn’t picked back up running yet, so…maybe I just need something to worry about.
How am I doing: I’m antsy for something. Pregnancy, *news*, cleaning, I don’t know what, but I feel shifty and needing to do things, but also needing to sit on the couch and literally do nothing but play Candy Crush.
Movement: Nothing yet. Insert side eye emoji.
Status of my Belly: It’s visible. But visible in the like, did you eat a Chipotle burrito for lunch? Catch me around 9pm at night though. That sucker is huge.
Doctor’s Appointments: I start Centering Pregnancy tomorrow. I am really excited about this. As you recall, I did this at MCV and it was amazing. It’s a group of women all due at the same time (June/July). The first half hour is boring take your vitals (hear your baby!), and the rest is just like group therapy. And you know I love a good group therapy. It is probably my most favorite thing.

If you are newly pregnant, I highly suggest checking out the centering page to see if one is offered in your area. I’ll even make the push for you to switch doctors, that is how passionate I am about it!


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