18 weeks (eeek)!

Holy man! 18 weeks. That’s crazy. Everyone says it goes by so fast and in the day to day, it does not seem that way at all, but here we are with a new week to post about and an apology for skipping last week (I was at Disney, again). Plus, there was literally nothing pregnancy related to announce.

As I’ve been on this journey (again) I periodically look at my old posts to see if things are lining up the same as last time. Usually they are, my peak annoyances hit around the same time, I do feel bored and complacent with pregnancy in the beginning, yaddi, yaddi, yaddi. Interestingly enough, my pregnancy surprises for second trimester were SPOT ON the same. So for those of you about to enter your second trimester or already in it, this is what is going on with me:

  1. Backache. Especially while sleeping. Phil says I can’t get a pregnancy pillow so I am making a fort of assorted pillows (and wishing we were in our forever home so we could please have a king size bed). It seems like I am only comfortable on my back and at this point, that’s frowned upon.
  2. Insomnia: Between peeing and uncomfortableness this has been a delight. And my husband who sleeps light as a feather isn’t too pleased with it either.
  3. Gums. Brushing my teeth has become a disaster. It’s just gross.
  4. Boobs are still at peak glorious. Seriously. I keep taking pictures of my cleavage to show my surgeon in a few years what I want them to look like. (You do you, and I’ll do me).
  5. Congestion. We’ve pulled the humidifIer upstairs because otherwise I can’t breath. WE LIVE IN FLORIDA AND WE NEED A HUMIDIFIER.
  6. Peeing allllll the time. More than I did first trimester.
  7. I do not have round ligament pain yet. I’m about 2 weeks off from when it started last time so…knock on wood?
  8. Baby is moving and grooving a lot.
  9. This time around I do have Braxton Hicks A LOT more than I did with Anna. Like a significant amount more. So my doctor has me taking progesterone pills until 37 weeks just because Anna came early and we don’t want to risk this one coming early.

So that’s it. the baby is doing it’s thing, I’m doing mine. And everyone is tip top happy.


How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of Baby: Sugar Glider/ Croissant
Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs. I think I’m on track? I don’t know. I need new pants. Send new pants.
Movement: All of the time. Okay not all of the time, but just usually right after eating and right at bedtime. Which is totally normal.
Status of my Belly: We are still in the adorable bump stage, but also the “are you sure you’re pregnant? where are you hiding that baby?”
Doctor’s Appointments: Next Friday for the sonogram to make sure I didn’t give this baby fetal alcohol poisoning when we were on the cruise.


2 thoughts on “18 weeks (eeek)!

  1. Heather

    I loved sleeping on my back when pregnant. 🙂 I would end up sleeping like this whether or not I went to sleep that way. I put a pillow under half of my back so that I could still be at an angle and not totally on my back. Helped me sleep more on my side. Maybe it will work for you?

    Hope Anna’s sibling is growing all cute and healthy!

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