Is it pregnancy or 34 years old?

The following statement I am screaming from the mountaintop: SECOND PREGNANCY IS AWFUL COMPARED TO YOUR FIRST. I’ve done exhaustive research (Twitter, friends, and some random blogs). And everyone says, “Oh yes, my second pregnancy was so much worse than my first one.” Well, why didn’t you warn us instead of letting us go into this blind? A little preparation goes a long way. Side-eye to all of you so called “friends”.

I’m officially boot free! I am supposed to go to physical therapy because something is going on in my ankle and we need to fix that problem. But–I’m walking like a normal human being again. The next ailment I am faced with is pregnancy induced TMJ. I think? We aren’t entirely sure. And we don’t have dental insurance this year because someone didn’t think it was important….more side-eyes. I’ve started sleeping with a mouth guard.

If you wanted to know what a full fledge nerd looked like, look no further than me. Saline squirts in my nose before bed, thick black rimmed glasses, and a mouth guard. Point me in the direction to the closest locker and I’ll just shove myself in it.

Part of me thinks I can’t believe how far along I am, but the other part of me is like, OMG WE HAVE FOUR MORE MONTHS WHY IS THIS TAKING FOREVER. What other ailments will come my way? I’m hoping none. But, ha. Come on now.

And while I would LOVE to blame this all on pregnancy, what if it’s just because I’m getting older? And my body is all  “WHOA. I am tired. Can we just take a break? If you don’t slow down, Imma slow you down myself.”

Where’s my fainting couch? I’m too young to feel this old.

In other news, we interviewed our doula this Sunday and we really like her (much better than the one we had before). She seems like the type of doula I want to be. Present, but not to present, acts as a couch for the husband, and respects what I want during birth. So, at least we can check something off our list.


How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of Baby: Ear of Corn/American Guinea Pig/Water Bottle
Total Weight Gain: 13 lbs. No gain since last week. Even if I did eat 2 boxes of girl scout cookies all by myself.
Movement: I think the baby is using my ribs as the monkey bars.
Status of my Belly: Well, we are at the point where people don’t ask if I am pregnant, they just say congratulations.
Doctor’s Appointments: Next Friday.


Closer to Baby

I guess I should start purging? packing? buying things? (I bought a new diaper bag does that count?)

We know have more weeks being pregnant behind us, and less weeks on the countdown. Eek. Not to mention all the other changes taking place. We’re fine. We’re fine. I think.

I am actually not stressed at all about this, but I feel like people expect me to be stressed?

This week I got a new fashion accessary, it’s a boot. It’s very fashionable. I went with the grey because I think it’s more versatile. I have no clue what I did, but I have peroneal tendentious and I can barely walk. I can’t take Aleve via the baby in my belly, so this was my only option. And in the 48 hours, I’ve noticed a significant improvement. Only one more week left of wearing it! I have to say, I like that all of my medical ailments have been ortho related. It helps having a guy in the house.

Anna was sick this week, so she took a 4 hour nap yesterday and I was all “What is this gift from the Gods? Thank you for bestowing me with this favor!” She’s fine. She has a cough and a cold, and oh, allergy season starts in January down here so LET ME TELL YOU WHAT IS PROBABLY GOING ON.

This is the first weekend in a month that the whole family has hung out together. And it’s supposed to be 80 degrees! I think we will sit on the couch, be lazy, watch some movies, talk about going outside, and then just lay around some more.


How Far Along: 21 weeks
Size of Baby: Least Weasel/Baseball Cap
Total Weight Gain: 13lbs. Fine. Whatever. I actually have reached the OMG I’m huge stage. I feel like I’m already as big as I was at the end with Anna (I’m not. I have 15 lbs to go until I reach that point).
Movement: Dancing machine. Anna felt it yesterday and it scared her and it’s the best thing ever listening to her talk about the baby scaring her.
Status of my Belly: Large and in charge. Also feels as though it might burst any freaking second. Pregnancy. So blessed.
Doctor’s Appointments: Does next Friday’s ortho appointment count? No. Well. Then I have another appointment in two weeks with my centering group. I have to be honest. I don’t LOVE centering this time around because there are only two people in the group besides me. So…it’s not as fun as it was.


Half Way Point!

I thought we were never going to make it this far. Via, why does the first trimester take FOREVER. I mean really. Could you imagine being an elephant? A gestational length of 18-22 months. Oy vey. NO THANK YOU.

So, technically speaking, I’m 50% done. If we go by Anna’s decision to come early I am 54% of the way there. Either way, I have done zero things for this baby. I thought about buying the bassinet last night because Toys R’ Us was having a sale, and then decided not to because we still have 20 weeks. We are also moving out of our house 6 weeks post-baby so part of me is feeling like I SHOULD start packing/purging but the other part of me thinks the couch sounds so much better.

Just like last time, round ligament pain hit at exactly 20 weeks. To the point that I skipped a work dinner on Monday night because I thought I was having Braxton Hicks or something crazy. It wasn’t until I did a Google search, did a time check, and realized oh yeah, uterus is stretching. I actually forgot how intense round ligament pain can be. Does this bode well for labor?

I have yet to start exercising again because it’s cold (for Florida, it’s cold). I suspect I’ll have to wear my belt if I do ever attempt to get out of the bed and run instead of lay there snuggling my dog forever.

To be honest? Even though last week I was all “I love being pregnant”, today has really reached a climax. I am uncomfortable AF. This morning it was 29 degrees, now it’s 70. The sweater I am wearing is itching me like crazy, tights are too tight, shoes are too tight. Judging by the 10 day forecast it looks like we are going back to normal Florida temperatures soon–and it IS NOT SOON ENOUGH. At one point today, I contemplated shutting my office door and taking off this sweater to work in a tank top. My shoes have already been removed. Would it be frowned upon to walk the office halls with no shoes on? How many more hours until I can leave?


How Far Along: 20 weeks
Size of Baby: Paper airplane/Endive
Total Weight Gain: 10lbs. All that walking last week kept me pretty on track.
Movement: Much more present than before. Phil could definitely feel it if he put his hand on my belly.
Status of my Belly: It was hard to put on socks this morning. Thank god this is not a winter baby.
Doctor’s Appointments: Not for a while. We had the anatomy ultrasound on Friday, everything looks great. Normally a sonogram shows the baby laying on it’s back, looking up. This baby was laying on top of the placenta with its arms under its head, looking similar to a child I already own. This one was not so cooperative and was not happy that we kept prodding it to move. It looked like it was sucking its thumb, so yeah! for self-soothing. I will have to go back for another ultrasound around 32 weeks because it does look like I’m borderline for placenta previa, but hopefully that thing will move into it’s proper spot (up top) by then. At least we get to have one more peek at the baby!

Seriously, does anyone have lighter fluid? I’m about to burn this sweater to the ground.

Closing the Gap

Well, it took me until 19 weeks to start getting into the I love pregnancy stage. I mean, I don’t love waking up at 1 am and 3 am to go to the bathroom, I don’t love being congested, I don’t love that whenever a pair of pants hits my belly in a certain spot I feel like I’m going to vomit everywhere, I don’t love people asking me how I am feeling every single day, BUT I do love my belly now that it pokes out.

I do love thinking of baby names (even if we can’t agree on any of them at all). I do love sitting on the couch at night and watching/feeling the baby move around. Because NOW it is finally real and I do love buying super cute maternity clothes.

I haven’t decided if I am ready to stop at 2 kids or if I want to try for three. For the longest time I wanted three, but due to our living situation, I might be halting at two. So because of this, I am actually trying to savor and remember that this might be “the last time.” So while there may be some negative attributes to being pregnant, there are also some super cool things as well and I don’t want the negative to overshadow the fun.

This weekend I am presenting at the SAAAE conference in San Antonio. I’m nervous only because when I traveled for work last time at this stage, it was also the weekend that I “popped” and NONE of my clothes fit me. Everyone say a little prayer for me that my clothes fit at least through Monday.

Baby Updates:


How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of Baby: Gameboy/Zucchini/Four-toed hedgehog
Total Weight Gain: 10lbs. Phil told me I look like I’ve put on a few pounds. I told him it’s a good thing he swore to love me for better or for worse.
Movement: More and more. Phil could probably feel if he put his hand on my belly, but it’s so sparse and in between that it’s hard to predict.
Status of my Belly: Getting bigger and bigger. I think I’m carrying this baby higher. So if any of you want to place bets on if that means anything, go ahead.
Doctor’s Appointments: Tomorrow. We have to tell the technician that we don’t want to know, meanwhile Phil will be straining his head every which way to know.