Lists, Lists, Lists

There is this lovely thing called pregnancy brain and good golly. I thought that maybe, just maybe, I would escape it because I am so scatterbrained normally but nope. It’s even worse (because of course it is). I had to spend last week working on a project that was merging 4 SPSS (excel type stuff but way more advanced) files. And had to redo it NINE times, because every time I thought I got ahead, I overlooked something, so REDO.

Phil wanted chili dogs for dinner on Monday. Specifically requested chili with no beans, Anna and I were singing throughout the grocery store “no beans, no beans”. Saw the can that said no beans. Reached for said can, came home with chunky chili and extra beans. All I can do is laugh at this point.

So my life has become an endless compilation of lists and lists that I have lost and later found. And please don’t suggest some app on my phone, because I will just bury it in a folder trying to be neat and then it will get lost and I’ll never use it.

Speaking of lists. All you pregnant moms I have found the best thing in the world. It’s called BabyList. And instead of registering at just one place, you can register at dozens of places and Babylist will group them all together. This way your friends and family won’t have to go to Amazon, Target, Babies R’Us, etc.. They just go to the list and all your items are there! They also conveniently have a button you can add to google chrome so that while you are bored at work and browsing the interwebs  building your registry you can just click the button. I love it. I also have the app on my phone so that I can add stuff to it as I lay awake with insomnia. This is ours in case you wanted to see what it looks like .

**To note, I understand that many people think that having a list for a second baby is tacky, I get it we just had a baby. True, we did, but we also purged a ton in the move (our fault, I accept), but we ran out of stuff! So, we still need some stuff, helpful to have stuff.**

**Also, this post is not sponsored by BabyList. I just love them that much**

Baby Updates!

FullSizeRender (5)

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of Baby: Bunch of Grapes/Chinchilla/Barbie Doll
Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs. Feeling pretty good about myself. Although, I am 16 lbs away from my allocated weight, I’ll throw in another 5 lbs because of me being severally underweight, sooo…I’m 21 lbs away. I’m on track.
Movement: There is a rave happening in my belly. At all times. I DO NOT remember Anna moving this much, this early.
Status of my Belly: It’s officially spring in Florida (Sorry family in Pennsylvania). So, the status is adorable because pregnant women in dresses are adorable.
Doctor’s Appointments: Not one, but TWO doctors appointments tomorrow. I start physical therapy for my stupid ankle and I am going to centering. This is LIVING THE LIFE MY FRIENDS.



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