The Final Streeeeeeetch…

is what happens everyday that I pull on pants. My pants say “this is it, this is as stretchy as we can go.”

I do not remember having this many clothes related annoyances with Anna. Did I? I was on a pretty steady wardrobe of Phil’s shirts, leggings, and dresses. Maybe that’s why it was easier, it was winter so I could dress in layers, whereas now I live in the swamp and it’s hot and sweaty, and air conditioned and I don’t want to buy clothes because I MEAN HELLO I HAVE TWELVE MORE WEEKS LEFT (OR TEN).

Is it time for Phil to just give me a big check and “go buy clothes with it” yet? (because I won’t. I’ll wait until after the baby or at least I’ll buy a bunch of nursing tops at the very least given our new circumstances).

In exciting news, my first paper as lead author is published (well it was accepted by the journal, I’ll find out when it’s published soon enough). So, I’m published as a lead author and a second author. I’m kind of a big deal and I kind of know what I’m talking about when it comes to water. In case you never believed me before.

Anna has successfully been to daycare all week in her underpants. She’s come home two days in a row with the same outfit and the same underpants on. This is starting to become very exciting stuff, y’all. She still wears a diaper at naptime and bedtime because a) there’s no way she knows to hold it through the night and b) if she doesn’t hold out she will wake up crying and we need to sleep.

I’ve started preparing for my upcoming Disney vacation. I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant, which means I’m on the “raised-eyebrow-are-you-sure-about-this” watch. I’ll be going the first weekend in May and it will more than likely be warm. I’ve started doing intervals on the treadmill at the gym 3 times a week (usually about 6 miles or so). Disney is usually about 7-12 miles in a day. My plans are to sit down, a lot, use the bag holder on the stroller to not have the added weight on my back, drink a ton of water and gatorade, and take full advantage of those midday naps. I’m 96% not worried about it at all. I also sadly will probably be wearing tennis shoes which goes against everything in my body, but I’m pregnant so, nah, nah, nah, nah.

It’s strawberry picking season in Florida, so guess where we are going tomorrow! The real question is if we will eat more than we pay for-looking at you kid.

Baby Updates:


How Far Along: 27 Weeks.
Size of Baby: Size of a bunch of bananas. Which makes sense because for 18 out of these 27 weeks all I did was eat bananas.
Total Weight Gain:  I’m 156 lbs. Which oddly is the same weight I was this time with Anna, and I am now giving my computer a very funny look because it says my total weight gain should be 170 and I was aiming for 160 so I’m pretty much like, huh, even without exercising I’m doing better than I was with Anna. BUT WHY AREN’T MY PANTS FITTING.
Symptoms: We’ve had a real lack of sleep in this house. From bathroom breaks, to starving, to just being in pain, it’s really taking a toll. So far the solution has been working out (surprising ZERO people that it works) and bringing a bowl of grapes upstairs with me so at 3:00 am when I wake up ravenous, I pop a couple of grapes and feel better.
Eats: Vanilla Ice Cream and Hershey’s syrup. It’s good.
Doctor’s Appointments: Had two today. I had my first glucose screening test. I had to drink some limeade concoction in 5 minutes or less and get my blood drawn an hour after the drink and then an hour later. My heartburn is pretty prevalent today.

I also had my first of the bi-weekly centering classes. My body is measuring at 26 weeks (which is good!), heart rate is fine, everything is fine, fine, fine, fine. We go back in two weeks to tour the hospital, which sadly will NOT be as nice as MCV.



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