Second Pregnancy Wants

Anna’s baby registry was full of just about everything because well…we didn’t have anything. And there were a lot of items that I didn’t place on the list (because they were stupid like a bottle warmer or a wipe warmer). And also, it’s like EVERYONE seems to want to invent a toy these days. So half the time, I’m not sure if this is something I NEED or something that would have just been neat to have. And over the course of two years and realizing what would have been nice, I’ve put together my top 10 list of items parents should put on their registry.

  1. Skip the bathtub with the fancy bubbles and the weight machine that takes up the entire tub. Instead a nicer option is something smaller for the baby to rest on and (in our case) can place in the tub with the older sibling so bath time happens at the same time. I picked this up off of our local Buy, Sell, Trade Group. It’s the Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub. Previously, I had the Angel Care Bath Support on our list (it was cheaper than the Munchkin splurge, but…can’t beat $10). Tub
  2. Hooks for the stroller. I walked around for 2 years lugging diaper bags and purses. That was so dumb. I finally purchased these hooks in January and they have been a life saver. Hooks
  3. Buy the expensive thermometer. Don’t fuss with the $10 one under the arm. Spend the money. Buy this one.
  4. I have this on my current wish list. I have friends who have said it is a lifesaver. It’s a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Holder. How many times did I cart Anna to the grocery store before she could sit up and place her in her carseat, in the cart, and get like five groceries. It was impossible to grocery shop. This seems like a reasonable purchase to me. And so convenient. And if I may add, comfortable? Hammock
  5. The DockaTot. I mean. This thing. It’s arriving today (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and I could not be more excited for it. As soon as it comes I might lay down in it. Supposedly, this is super awesome for newborns because they don’t like space and this keeps them enclosed. I probably will place it in the co-sleeper we have and then carry it around all day.
  6. Car Seat Placement thingie. I went a long time without this. And then every time I vacuumed the car, I was appalled by the amount of gross that was under Anna’s carseat. It was disgusting. This has at least kept it at bay some what. I found some on our local BST group so we have four. Phew.
  7. A noise machine. We have/had three of these. Someone bought me a giraffe noise machine (maybe I requested it). And then overtime it was not cutting it. We opted for the cheap route, and they are life savers. Never leave home without it. It’s loud, it’s small, it DOES IT ALL.
  8. Let’s circle back to bath time. A bath mat is pretty important once that little one starts standing. And walking. And running in the tub. We went through two before finally settling on one that didn’t have mold (bonus if you can find one that comes with a kneeling pad).
  9. IF we had the space for it at the time I would have done better furniture wise. Buy a designated kids bookshelf and toy organizer because they are super important. LIKE SUPER IMPORTANT. If you want to have any sanity at all.
  10. And spend the money on a structured carrier. Like an Ergo or a Tula. I’ve had a moby, a ring sling, a boba, a EVERYTHING. Nothing even comes close to my ergo. I’ve got a request out there for an infant insert (mesh) because of Florida summers. But I would not have survived much of Anna’s first year if it wasn’t for a carrier.

That’s it. Now go spend your money! Oh, and understand you will probably go through 80 diaper “bags” before finally finding one you like.


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