Baby Update

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was in my third trimester. That was false. I am NOW  in my third trimester, which also means my hormones, my comfort level, all of that jazz…is in a really great place. Also, because of my third trimester status and because of some labeling on my medicine, I will be off of Zoloft for the next 10/11/8/whoknows how many weeks until this baby comes. **It’s fine to take, It’s also not fine to take, so even though I’m lenient with food and alcohol and everything else, I’ve found the one thing that this is something I’m not willing to be lenient on. Also, if I don’t take it there’s a chance that I may go into early labor, WHICH IS INTERESTING BECAUSE MAYBE THAT’S WHY ANNA CAME EARLY. I mean a husband interviewing all over the country? A terrible job? A pipe bursting in our house in the middle of winter when he was god knows where?No family within a quick distance to help? I’m sure NONE of that played into her delivery.**

So anyway, this all means that I am on high alert and a REALLY friendly person to be around. I say this as I cringe literally every five minutes because my co-workers WON’T STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS AND LET ME LIVE.

Also, because of this heightened sense of annoyance, I’ve also started planning out things that will annoy me once the baby comes. Or even, like right now, I swear to God if I hear one more person ask me if I am hoping for a boy, tell me that they hope it’s a boy, anything effing boy related with this child that is growing in my uterus I will scream. I will scream in their face and start ripping my hair out and you can punish me to the Salem Witch Trials. I am sure mother’s of boys have this same question when they are pregnant, but people, I know you think you are being cheeky, I know you think you are just starting conversation, but for ONE second can you think how it may sound to the person you are talking to? Like the first gender/sex of their baby isn’t good enough. So let’s hope for the next.

I’ve also enlisted my gal pals to pretty much have at it if anyone makes the following comments on my Facebook page once we announce this baby’s birth:

  • If it’s a girl “Guess you’ll have to try again for a boy!” Nope. we in fact don’t have to try again. We can be perfectly happy with two girls.
  • If it’s a girl “Maybe next time you’ll get a boy!” Nope. Just because we didn’t get a boy, doesn’t mean we are going to try again for a boy.
  • If it is a boy “Guess you’re done now!” Nope. Just because we have one of each, doesn’t mean we won’t stop procreating to fill the world with smart children.

Just really. Here’s the thing. When people have a baby the only thing you should EVER SAY: Congratulations! S/he is beautiful! What a happy family! Best Wishes. Mazel! Whatever.

Any of those are fine. Why people feel the need to comment on a baby’s gender is beyond me.  Can’t you just be happy that it’s a baby?

The end.

Baby Update

FullSizeRender (7)

How Far Along: 29 Weeks
Size of Baby: Pineapple. Supposedly the baby is 16 inches and 2lbs. And now any weight gain over the next 10 weeks will just be baby.
Movement: Moving and grooving. I “think” the baby is transverse. Which means me taking a lot of yoga poses to get this baby in a proper position.
Status of my Belly: The same size as it was with Anna at this point. It also moves and jumps too!
Doctor’s Appointments: Tomorrow I start my biweekly appointments (technically I started them two weeks ago, but this is my first appointment two weeks after my last appointment). We also get to tour the hospital which will be nice because I have looked online a million times and I still have ZERO clue where to go.


One thought on “Baby Update

  1. Heather

    I hope your baby is a human. 🙂 I can’t wait to see pics of big sis and baby sibling, because sibling pics are precious.

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