Oh, hello again!

Eight months pregnant is about the time I stop being consistent on the blog. Oops.

Where are we? I’m 31 weeks pregnant today! Nothing too exciting has happened  which may be why I have stopped updating.

I went to Savannah this past weekend with my high school best girlfriends and it was just SO, SO, SO, SO needed on so many levels. Needed for me because I have zero friends in Florida and these are the loves of my life, needed for Phil and Anna to have a full one on one weekend together. Each time I have I gone on one of these trips I always come home with a stronger appreciation for my friends, my marriage, and my kid. Plus, selfishly, I am really happy that I am still best of friends with my high school best friends and I wish we were doing another trip in two weeks instead of two years. I get that we are a rarity, but we work hard to stay connected because we are the people who know each other the best and we’ve given each other the opportunity to grow and change, and we still love each other despite our differences (I mean, I have a friend voting for Trump).

I keep looking back at my blog to see where I am compared to where I was with Anna. This point last time, I had a list of what to bring to the hospital and was referencing it to pack three times a day. Now? I bought a robe? (I realized last time that I had zero appropriate nursing clothes). I guess I should write a list. I can do that. I’m very into lists. I still haven’t brought the bin of baby clothes in or set up the little “nursery space” (if you can call it that) upstairs. I have yet to re-read any baby books (as a refresher) or anything. I’m basically just coasting and like, I guess this baby is coming? I don’t know. It’s weird to feel so unprepared and yet prepared at the same time. I mean, I don’t even know if we have bottles? pacifiers? any of that stuff you “need” when a baby comes. I am assuming it’s just a bunch of Target runs? I have tons of stuff that I need to buy (like nursing tops and stuff), but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

I’m more interested in packing up our house, which seems not important but also highly important at the same time.

Updates this week!


How Far Along: 31 Weeks
Size of Baby: Small clawed otter without the tail? Sure, Okay. Supposedly the baby is as long as it’s going to get which is pretty long right now. I can feel pressure pretty low, and I can feel kicks PRETTY HIGH. Twice this week I’ve had to do yoga positions at work to move the baby down because I’m pretty sure my lungs are not an ideal place to take up residency.
Movement: I am finding myself wondering if I will miss this movement? Currently, I do not think I will.
Status of my Belly: Well, I’ve had one person this week exclaim “WOW! You are really showing” and in the midst of writing this another person came in my office to tell me they can “see that my belly has started to poke out more”. Comments that are….not needed? I’ve gained just under 30 lbs, but I don’t think you can really tell (but OMG I still have max 9 weeks left and where can this other weight go?)
Doctor’s Appointments: After our last appointment we toured the hospital. It’s no MCV (let’s face it, nothing is), but it’s doable. I suppose. the labor room is half the size of MCV. Tubs are only available if I fight for it and we don’t have the luxury suite that we did at MCV. Granted, it set the bar pretty high, but this will do. The benefit is that they don’t keep you in the hospital for that long down here, so hopefully this will be an easy transition. I go tomorrow. I will be checked to see if I am measuring accordingly (I should be on track). She is also going to check to see if I am dilated or effaced due to the 12,000 steps a day I will get next weekend at Disney World.


5 thoughts on “Oh, hello again!

    1. melissaraetaylor

      Thanks! Well, then I’m prepared, we got a package of new born diapers from a client and I’m sure in Anna’s bin I have some plain onesies. Parenting–it’s so much easier the second time around 🙂

  1. I reckon I was more organised first time round as well – second time round I had pretty much only gotten the baby stuff out and the bag packed in like week 37 – I was even still working up til then. And bub came at 38w2d so I had hardly any time to spare!

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