Two Hands!

Well the countdown has begun. We are on to two hands. 30 weeks. 10 weeks to go.


Everyone keeps asking us if we are ready and I’m like..I think? I suppose? Ready as we’ll ever be? My surrogate RVA mom told me this week that all babies need are a mom, a boob, and some blankets. So, I’ve got all those things plus a package of newborn diapers. We just might make it after all.

I had my first shower this weekend with just my girlfriends. It was great! I truly have the best group of girlfriends in the entire world.

Me and my hostesses: Roper and AG
Mimosa Bar

( I might have another post with more pictures, I’m just waiting for my gal pals to send them to me)

I could have cried over everything that I received and all that love that was “showered” on us and BBT. I got all the necessities! Diaper cream, a bath tub, the boppy (!), feeding chair, breast milk storage, plus a million other things. Like this snot sucker outer. Which is apparently THE BEST nasal cleaner on the market at the time. The other really neat thing was that the hostesses asked for no cards and instead everyone bring a book. I got a lot of the necessities (Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, Good Night moon, etc), but I also got a lot of books I had never heard of that were classics! The Little Prince is one that I’m really looking forward to reading with the wee one. I think the best book I received, based on the irony alone was this one:

image_6 this was my reaction: IMG_8377
My favorite gift, by far, the one that caused me to break into tears of happiness/sobs/whatevers was this gift from one my closest friends Mandy:

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

I started watching Friday Night Lights in October and became obsessed. It was the best show ever created. This onesie just made me have all the emotions and stuff.

Phil and I threw a Christmas Party on Friday night–people didn’t leave until 3:30 am. So it was a success? Here is our house looking festive and us looking festive:

image image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5
Baby Updates:

How Far Along: 30 weeks.
Size of Baby: A cabbage. The baby is huge. Weighs about 3 lbs and is probably close to 18 inches long. Supposedly in the next few weeks the baby will pack on more pounds than inches.
Total Weight Gain:  Zero since last time! I weigh 156 still which has me at 21.5 lbs total weight gain. With 10 weeks go to I’d say I’m doing a really good job.
Symptoms: I am giving up on breathing. It’s just impossible. And it frustrates me that I can’t walk up and down the stairs without needing to take a five minute breather.
Eats: I don’t have cravings anymore, but I have I can’t eat anymore. I’m back to August where I needed to eat only small amount of foods. No more big meals for me. Which is fine, but also kind of wasteful :/
Best moment of the week: This weekend. The Party on Friday and the Baby Shower on Saturday. It was so great to be surrounded by so many of our closest friends. (Let me just gush more about how loved we feel).
What I’m looking forward to: A little bit of decorating this weekend and seeing the 1975 on Saturday.
Milestones: Baby’s brain is growing, so less weight gain this week. As of Friday the baby is head down, but the midwife said not to get too concerned with that because it still has 10 weeks to wiggle around and settle into position.  The baby is shedding some hair (just like Hatteras!) but growing the hair on it’s head. I was bald. Odds are so will this kid. And it has the hiccups A LOT due to the air sacs inside the lungs and it practicing it’s breathing.


Sewing for the non-sewer.

This should be my weekly pregnancy update, but nothing’s changed so I thought I’d talk about this fantastic curtain I made two weeks ago.

We have this window in our house, it is smack dab in the middle of the hallway, and lets a gorgeous amount of sunlight into the house. Which would be fantastic, if it wasn’t directly in front of my bedroom door and when I try to “sleep in” on a weekend, it’s impossible because the light streams right on my face. We’ve lived in this house for three+ years now, and all that we’ve ever used is this lovely sheer curtain. (Also, I tried really hard to get decent pictures of this window, but because the sun is right there, it was not happening).

image (22) image (21)
Also, our windows measure 28 inches across. You would think that would be no big deal. A window is a window. Wrong. All the home good type stores, only sell curtains for new houses. Almost nowhere sells decent curtains for little half windows like that one, and there is not a single blind manufacturer that makes blinds in 28 inches across. 27 or 29, sure. But no 28. The joy of having a 1920’s house. I soon realized that the only way this window was getting covered is if I learned how to sew.

ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. (excuse me while I breath) ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.

So of course I turned to Pinterest. I wanted the look of Roman shades, but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. My friend Jessica hand stitched her own, which I thought–I could totally do this, and then she showed me the video and within three seconds I had a panic attack and decided that wasn’t happening. I started looking for no sew roman shades, unfortunately they all required blinds. Welp, that wasn’t going to work either. I was feeling helpless. This window was going to be the death of me. How shall I ever fix it. Until, I found this post by The Cerniks. I officially had hope!

All I needed was Fabric (done), three tension rods (had em!), and some fabric glue.

image (18)
So step one. Iron your fabric. And then put your fabric glue on the fabric and take a picture of it.

image (19) image (20)
You want to cut your fabric about an 1 inch to 1.5 inches longer on the sides to leave room for the “hem” (I’ll be honest, Because I was going for really straight lines, I ended up making mine too big, so I had to go back a few times and cut it, you don’t want to do this. Measure twice, cut once). Fold over that extra fabric and glue it. The bottle says let it dry for 24 hours, and I’m impatient so I waited three. It was dry.

image (23)
And then I hung them, but I didn’t take pictures of hanging them because I was alone. So I will try to explain what you see.

(Note, if you follow the original blog that I copied from, she just looped the fabric together, I ended up breaking out the sewing machine and sewing a 1 inch open loop at the top to fit through the curtain rod)

So the first tension rod is at the top, with the fabric looped through to hold it in place. The second curtain rod is about 6 inches down and I just draped the curtain over the rod, and same with the third rod. This is not a real working roman shade, and if I ever need to cover the whole window, I can just let the fabric hang. But I think it looks much better than the sheer fabric that was there!

image (25) image (24)

I’m happy to answer any questions on how I did this project since, I did a terrible job of taking pictures during the actual project.

Total cost:

Fabric: $6 (I bought it in the scrap section and it happened to be the exact length I needed!)
Tension Rods: $7 (I already had two on hand, so I had to buy the third one. I think you can find it a little bit cheaper than I did)
Fabric glue: $5 from AC Moore.

Curtains for under $20, and a feeling of accomplishment? Yes please!

A DIY that is so easy, I can’t believe it took me this long.

So last summer, my parents moved from San Diego back to the East Coast. My parents were completely generous and redid our entire bathroom.

283649_10151826118135319_705401144_n 295085_10151826118475319_1843188572_n 527126_10151826118340319_1830283837_n 542158_10151826118585319_594030891_n

It went from “eww,  this is so gross get me out of here” to “oh, la, la, so chic and modern!”.  It was a breath of fresh air. Now, if I loved it so much, why am I writing a blog about it a year later?

In the process of tiling the bathroom, my dad and I managed to drip/splash/not take our time, and get grout all over the bathtub. We tried to clean it up, but at that point, we were kind of over the project, and I never take baths, so it was kind of–NBD. So what if there’s grout on our bathtub? Let me state, I am not complaining at all about the bathroom, because it was A LOT of blood, sweat, curse words, all from my dad because Phil and I had to work. So I’m not complaining–but, just stating, we had grout drippings and I was too lazy to clean it up.

In the following months every time I cleaned the bathtub, I moaned and groaned, complained about the grout, and did nothing about it (shocker, I complained about something). Until last night, when I had such bad Braxton Hicks that I took a bath. And then I immediately got out of the bath because it was disgusting. So my plan was to get this grout off of the porcelain tub, ASAP–but HOW?!

The internet was no help. For some reason every Google search directed me to wire sponges/razor blades/everything terrible for a porcelain tub. Then, I turned to my co-worker. He suggested a wooden stick and water. I figured this was free, let’s try it first—and Holy Moses was he right!

All you need to clean year old (if not older) grout from your tub is a wooden stick, a cup of water, and a rag. I did not take a picture of the tub before because it was disgusting, nor did I take one of it after, but I did take a picture of spots that I scrubbed.

Supplies (I had a sponge, just in case, but never used it)

Wet the stick/Wet the grout (sometimes I poured water onto the spots that were a bit “grittier” than others)


Year old grout.

Put light pressure on the stick and scrape away


and Voila! The grout comes off!


Two more spots:


Depending on how much you have will determine how long it takes, it was all over our tub so it took me about 45 minutes.

Cost: FREE! I used a paint stick from Home Depot.

Hope this helps others who have a similar problem.

Turning a Bookcase into a Closet

Here is the story of finding space in our house, which was built in 1920 and has ZERO closest space. Did these people even have clothes/stuff in the past? I have no idea how storage use to work in this house because we are busting at the seams.

During early trimester melt down mode, I came across this idea. And I thought genius! I have a bookcase, I’m handy, and I’m cheap. I can do this! So…I did.

You too, can get this lovely piece of furniture for less than $50.  And honestly, you can PROBABLY get it for less than $30, I just don’t have patience and when I find what I like, I go for it.

Supplies: Bookcase, Spray Paint, Fabric, Staple Gun, Hammer, Closet Rods

The bookcase was an IKEA Billy bookcase (which I bought off of Craigslist 3 years ago for $15):

It was a brown color, so I painted it white:


And then it sat there for a long time because I didn’t know what to do! White was soo boring. The back of the bookcase is just a piece of cardboard. My idea was to paint stripes or something but paint barely stays on, and when it does it looks like crap. And I’m better than crap.

So, I turned to Pinterest. The more I searched, I decided that fabric is the way to go. I found this idea from the folks at The Blissful Bee. Which I thought “oh! easy! Find some fabric. Connect it to cardboard and slip it in”. Except the bookcase is 12-14 inches deep. Inserting cardboard wasn’t going to be an option because then I wouldn’t have space for the hangers, or shelves. So then I found another idea from Fable Lane. She just suggested to glue the fabric to the back panel. And I was all set for that. I figured that was a no brainer, but I definitely would need to measure thrice, and cut once.  (disclaimer, I didn’t show you what to do with fabric, but make sure to measure the space and buy a little extra just for mistakes. I think I ordered about 2 yards and have MORE than enough).

And then my genius husband came in. And saw me trying to measure fabric to just glue inside. And tsk, tsk. Originally, I didn’t want to take the back off of the bookshelf because everything I had read talked about how hard it was to put back on. Well, those people are liars. Or they don’t have Phil for a husband. With the help of a staple gun and a hammer that’s what we did.

image_4 image_2

Removing the back: There are probably about 25 nails all over the back and the cardboard sometimes pulled the nails out, and sometimes just popped off.


Measure the fabric over the back and leave about an extra 2 inches on all sides. Trim the excess once it’s on. No sense in trying to be super neat and cut to fit now. (This is where that whole measure thrice, cut once advice comes in REALLY handy).


First make the fabric tight across the back, and then staple. Staple the top and bottom first, and then work on the sides. Once the fabric has been stapled, we re-stapled the back and then renailed the back. The process took about 5 minutes.

Finally, we had to hang the clothes bar. This was one of my biggest concerns, because every website said just get an extension rod. Well. Have you ever bought an extension rod? Sometimes they slip depending on the weight, so I did a lot of research and ended up getting one from Home Depot that could hold up to 250 lbs. I doubt we will have 250 lbs of baby clothes, so I think we are safe.


Originally, we were going to hang two bars but there didn’t seem to be enough space. So we went with one bar and three shelves for baskets, books and stuff.

And then we were done. Here is the finished project:


I think it’s a HUGE improvement. I even had extra fabric left over, and once I figure out how to work my sewing machine, I’m going to turn the scraps into curtain ties.

Total Cost:

Book case: Owned
Paint: I used Rust-Oleum Universal Paint and Primer in one spray paint (It seriously is the best spray paint!) $5.53 (times three so, $16.59)
Fabric: Amazon, 2 yards, $24.47
Closet Rods: $6.98

Total: $48.04

I know that the fabric could have been A LOT cheaper if I had maybe gone to Jo-Ann, or Wal-Mart and used a coupon. Same for the paint, I’m sure I could have used coupons but..I just wanted to get it over with. However, $50 for a fully functional closet is a great success!

I’m sorry it’s been so long!

Don’t worry everyone, this has been on my mind too. It’s not that I started this blog and got bored with’s that for lack of a better word, I’ve got some things happening in my life and I don’t want to anyone to find me on the internet. As of right now, this blog doesn’t come up in any searches and I’m afraid if I post more it will. But–I guess time is running short!

So in the past three weeks let me do the fastest update known to man:

1. We picked out paint colors for the bedrooms. Our bedroom is going to be Mushroom Bisque . I’m going for neutral colors, since we will have to put the house on the market. I’d rather just paint it once–not twice. The guest room/nursery is going to be French Silver.   Same reasons as previous, plus it’s neutral for..a neutral room.

2. We picked up two pieces of furniture. The dresser/changing table. It was $80 on Craiglist, and I bought these cute red knobs from Etsy to give it some life. The other piece of furniture isn’t finished yet, so I’ll update that later–no it wasn’t a crib! (**Update it’s finished, you can read about it here**)
photo (2) photo

3. We had our last appointment with the Doctor on Tuesday. Warning, it’s a 3d picture and the BB is a little bit scary looking! But it has my nose and Phil’s chin. It’s about 10 inches long, and 10 oz heavy.

photo 1 photo 2
It’s a real baby!

I’ve only gained five lbs so I don’t have much of a bump to show. But…I promise within the next week or so I’ll be a little more consistent!! Thanks for your patience!

Love you all!

Phil is a Carpenter

I would always consider myself to be sort of handy–into projects. I’ve never really been into the build it yourself stuff, but refinishing projects and getting crafty has always been up my ally. And thanks to Pinterest, I’ve had a number of light bulb ideas these days.  Whenever I have an idea for a project I usually run it past Phil, get some push back, do it anyway, and life is great.

However, every now and then he gets a DIY bug. When he gets it, I’m not going to turn it down because a) he’s so detail oriented that I know it won’t get messed up, and b) he really can build/fix anything. He’s incredibly handy and c) if I tell him no, he might not ever do it again!

So as I mentioned in my last post he got the idea to build a headboard (I’ve been asking for a bed frame for a while) and he found a great “how to” from the DIY Network Folks.

He showed me the picture, and I said okay!

photo 1

First stop, a trip to Lowe’s. I think* the entire project ( wood, stain, poly, everything else) only cost us about $120. Our headboard cost $120!! Kind of shocking when you look at the cost of furniture these days. I do have to thank my Dad for making me learn patience at a young age. I use to have to sit for hours in airplane hangers while he fixed and tinkered. It was endless hours of boredom.  I did this without an Iphone. I tried to do Lowe’s without an Iphone, but that was impossible. How did I use to entertain myself?? The most tedious aspect was picking out wood. We had to ensure that there were no curves so that they would all be flush with each other. That probably took two hours.

Next Assembly:

photo 2 photo 3

It was raining the day we bought everything, so Phil but it together right on our living room floor. While I watched a marathon of Snapped on the Oxygen channel.

photo 4

Just about finished project!

Now, I should have been a better photographer and took pictures of the staining, and polying process. But I forgot, got tired, didn’t think about it. We choose Dark Walnut as our stain, because I don’t like the look of Oak, and I feel like Dark furniture can sometimes last longer. It won’t “tire” as easy as a light wood.

Phil drilled some holes into the bottom so it would connect with our bed rail and ta da:

We have a new bed!

photo 5

I have to remove the pictures because they don’t fit behind the bedframe anymore. And now my next craft is to find better bed side tables. The ones I currently have were my Uncle Charlie’s, and they have gone from black, to white, to me and my Dad refinishing them (current condition). They are sturdy and have lasted MANY moves. But I’m tired of them. They don’t go with my current motif, and I don’t think I can get them to a motif that I like.

Next big project will take place in 3 weeks: Painting the upstairs.

Next refinishing project: Turning a bookcase into a closet. (**We did it! Read about it here**)

Nursery Ideas

The nursery has been a struggle  for me. In our 3 bedroom home, we have a mini-room upstairs that would be perfect for a nursery. It’s tiny! Enough space for a crib, dresser, rocker, and baby stuff. The downside is it’s the dogs room. If you know my dogs, you would understand why this is enough to start a zombie like fear in my heart.

The first three weeks of pregnancy caused me a lot of anxiety about dogs, space and furniture. I took the advice everyone told me pre-marriage: communication. I talked to Phil and told him my fears and then he reminded me why he is a genius. He said, “Why don’t we just have a guest room/nursery? We never have guests, and we are only going to be here for another year. This way we don’t have to disturb the dogs, or freak out about space.” THAT thought, never ONCE crossed my mind.

Here are some ideas I’ve pinned on Pinterest. Of course right now I’m looking at a gender neutral nursery. I think it will be cheaper, plus easier to sell the house when it comes time.

First up, because of the set up of the room, I’ve decided to set up the bed in front of the window to maximize space. Like this:

Bed Window
I can’t wait to start searching thrift stores/yard sales to find a bed frame.

I am pretty set on a white and gray nursery. I like this one because the crib and dresser won’t be the focal point of the room. I’m pretty sure that’s my biggest issue, I don’t want the room to look too nursery like. I am definitely doing the  stripes on the wall like this:

Here are some other ones that I found:

Gray and White
Pop of Color –I really like this one, would have to find a color that could be gender neutral.

All in all, I know I want white furniture. Does that make me the most uncreative person on the planet?