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I mentioned in this post that I’m a sucker for  “You must read these books before you die” type of lists.

Well, wouldn’t you know that Buzzfeed came out with a 16 books to Read Before They are Movies list, and with a month and half left (at the time) until baby, I said why not! I’m up for the challenge.

Here’s the list, plus I’ve linked the title to the preview (if available),  in case you were interested.

1) Labor Day by Joyce Maynard-You’ve seen the preview, it has the always fabulous Kate Winslet in it. My library doesn’t have the book, and I highly doubt I’m getting to the movies to see this one in the next few weeks, so I’m tabling this one for now.
2) The Monuments Men by Robert M Edsel and Bret Witter. Boring. So, so, boring. I could not keep up with all the details. I bet it’s good for someone who can follow all those characters, but I could not.
3) Vampire Academy– Richelle Mead: I’ll be honest. This was really enjoyable for a quick dumb, teenage read. It’s 1,000 times better than the Twilight Saga. When I first read reviews it was Twilight meets Hogwarts. Which, is not true. It’s about Vampires and their protectors, at a school for Vampires, but it lacks the finesse and smarts that the Harry Potter series had. It’s still an enjoyable easy read for when you just want something dumb. This is my version of reality TV since I refuse to get sucked into that shit. At least reading dumb reads still expands my vocabulary, uses my imagination, and can help with grammar..or so I tell myself. It’s about a Vampire and her protector, and it’s part one of seven books. I’ve already downloaded the second book to my Kindle. I’m also convincing myself that I will be doing a lot of reading while breastfeeding. (Other moms, feel free to laugh at me for that).
4) Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin : I hate this book. I hate it a thousand times over. This was one of the worst books I have ever had the displeasure of reading. At no point during all of Helprin’s rambling could I begin to even tell you the point of this story. Helprin is a very vivid, picturesque writer–which is great when there is a plot that makes sense. I found myself constantly re reading parts of the book because I had no idea what was going on. I am intrigued to see how they will make a movie out of this because I truly cannot see anyone sitting through it. I have read others reviews, and I am saddened to have missed the point of the book–but it did not grab me as it grabbed other readers. It was 800 pages, and about 400 pages too long. If you read it and loved it, please convince me.
5) A Long Way Down– Nick Hornby: I’ll be honest, I just watched the preview and I can’t wait to get my hands on this book/eyes on this movie. I’m crying already. (hormones?)
6) DivergentVeronica Roth: Loved! But– I can’t bring myself to read the rest of the series.
7) The Fault in our Stars- John Green Someone hold me forever.
8)The Hundred-Foot Journey- Richard Morais
9) The Giver-Lois Lowry: I read this book in eighth grade and instantly fell in love. It is where my love with Dystopian novels started. Following The Giver I loved Brave New World, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Hunger Games, Logan’s Run, 1984, A Clockwork Orange, etc. These novels always make me realize that life is about choices, and you don’t have to conform, and there’s always more to know, more to do, more to rebel. They are obviously far fetched, but always, after reading them, I feel such a rush, a surge of power/energy, to fight the power. I just can’t help loving them.
10) Dark Places-Gillian Flynn: Gillian Flynn is good until you get to the last chapter, and then you hate her.
11) This is where I Leave You-Jonathan Tropper. I thought the movie was better. Neither were out of this world great. But, would spend an hour and a half watching the movie.
12) The Maze Runner-James Dashner: I’m on chapter 2. Its Dystopian. I already feel myself falling in love. It too is part of a 3 book series.
13) Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn: I actually read this book last year for my one time book club. I couldn’t put it down. It was soo good. And then I got to the ending. And I hated it. I HATED IT. The book was a page turner, so promising, so well written, so I don’t know. I was just enamored with this book. And then, THEN, I got to the last chapter and I was so disappointed. I’m hoping the movie changes the ending like they sometimes do. Also, I wish Bradley Cooper was playing the lead character. He seems like a MUCH better fit for the lead role. We’ll see Ben. We shall see.
14) Unbroken- Laura Hillenbrand: I finished this yesterday. and OHMYGOD. A) I am ashamed and how little I know about WW2. One week ago if you asked me about the Pacific side of the war, I would have said “They bombed Pearl Harbor; we dropped an A bomb; we won.” I had no idea about the POW’s in Japan, I had no idea about the fighting, sub scanning, rescues, I had no idea about the people who died just in training. I just had no clue. And B) What the book really did for me was humanized soldiers. And I don’t think I’ve ever done that. It really opened my eyes to why that was the great war, and the type of people American’s use to be. It was really amazing. I couldn’t put it down. I still can’ stop talking about it. It makes me sad that I wasn’t interested in this while my grandfather was alive because I would have loved to talk to him about his time in the Pacific and then his time in the Atlantic/Caribbean. This book is why I am excited for The Monument Men.  (Coincidentally is this is also the book I tried to read during our dress rehearsal, and I couldn’t concentrate).
15) Wild- Cheryl Strayed –
16) Serena-Ron Rash: All I know is it’s Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Which always equals Oscar gold to me.


Sorry for the Delay

Hi y’all. I could blame this break in posting on a number of things, the holidays, having mini time off with my husband, being pregnant, whatever…but I’m back.

Where did we leave off? Oh, I broke the internet with D and her being the most adorable dog ever.

So high-level recap on my life:

1. 2 weeks ago I flew to St. Louis for my baby shower. Unbeknownst to me, my mom who lives in Japan flew in and surprised me (Thanks Dad!). It was great to see my mom, spend time with the family, see my cousins, and start plotting my move to St. Louis. It really was a wonderful shower, with delicious food, and Baby T and I are completely spoiled.

image image_1 image_2 image_3

2. Christmas! This could honestly be the first Christmas that I wasn’t disappointed in a single gift that I received. They were all great, and wonderful, and it was a really relaxing day with my in laws. Food was also included and it was delicious.


3. I became lazy. I’m pregnant, so I can do that. Phil was on a mild vacation, so we cleaned house (barely), watched a lot of movies and TV, and just vegged. Call it a staycation.

4. New Years Eve. We went to a wedding. It was beautiful. We were beautiful.


5. Now the countdown is on. 6 more weeks of work and then this little person arrives. To be frank, I’d be okay with 4-5 more weeks of work (but who’s counting!)

I will say, upon all of these things–we’ve ran into friends who had questions etc about pregnancy. Which like –I get. I get that people are polite and want to ask and whatever. But literally, every time I see someone and their first question is “How are you feeling?” It enrages me. I will tell you and talk about it if I want to, but if you ask me about it I immediately shut down. Mostly because I feel like there is more to me. Remember me? I’m a person. I have real things going on in my life.

Also, I FEEL FINE. I FEEL NORMAL. So as I’ve mentioned I feel like people want me to complain, but anything I have I feel like I can’t complain about it.

1. I have had heartburn twice. It’s not enough for me to bring it up and talk about because a) I don’t want to hear “just wait it gets worse” and b) people get heartburn all the time. Like people are actually on medicine for it, so no. I don’t feel like this is something to bring up.
2. The baby kicks me and it hurts. Still not going to complain. My baby is moving. It’s healthy. It will be out of here in 6 weeks.
3. Swelling. I take my rings off at night. Not worth discussing, or complaining about.
4. I get out of breath going up the stairs. But I’m in better shape than like 75% of the population, so I don’t feel like I should complain about this stuff, because I know other women have it far worse.
5. I wake up in the middle of the night and pee. Do you really want to hear me discuss my bodily functions with you?
6. I’m having trouble sleeping. BECAUSE THERE IS A 5LB BABY INSIDE OF ME. What is worth discussing about this? So you can say, oh I’m sorry that sucks?

I know all of these things suck, I don’t want to talk about them. My New Years Eve resolution was not to complain as much. In fact this the quote I hope to live by:

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain”

When people ask you how your day is, and if its going great, don’t find something to complain about just to make conversation. Say you are having a great day, don’t say, it’s going great but it sucked this morning because this asshole cut me off. That’s irrelevant.

I digress. I digress because I got some unhappy news today and I just want to vent about it–but venting won’t change anything. So, I’m looking at all my silver linings, and hoping for a happy 6 more weeks.

Updates on us:

Baby is head down, yeah! Baby is about 5lbs? 17 inches? Baby is very very active. Hiccuping all the time–which I read is a good sign because it says it will be good at swallowing once it’s born, helpful for feeding situations. Baby’s legs really like hanging out underneath my right rib cage.

Next week, when I don’t feel rushed–I’ll be a bit more cheery 🙂

Peanut Allergies

I’ve convinced myself that if I eat enough peanuts during pregnancy my child will become immune to peanuts. Not sure if you know this, but peanut allergy is a scary–scary–scary thing! Over the past few years I’ve become very conscience of what is actually in our food and….

it’s disgusting.

Packaged and processed food really grosses me out. The capitalism of the food industry really bothers me. How can we make food cheaper? Oh. Chemicals. And fake things. And gross things. And –just note to self, never shop the aisles of the grocery store. Just shop the perimeters. And the organic aisle–(even that can be tricky). I went to a conference a few months ago and it was so eye opening. Why should food with four ingredients (most of which you can pronounce) cost more than the food with 27 ingredients (of which two you can pronounce, one probably being water)?  Then, the peanut allergy hit home when I watched this TedTalk (it’s long and it’s worth it). A startling  majority of things in our food, are actually banned in other (smarter) countries.

Anyway back to peanuts.

Early in my pregnancy, I read about a girl who had a peanut allergy and died–EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD HER EPI PEN! What a nightmare!

And then I realized peanuts are in everything that tastes good. Also, peanuts are in virtually everything. Hence, why you can’t bring homemade goods to kids classrooms anymore and there are peanut free zoned schools. Peanuts are deadly (to some) and we have to be more careful.

Did you know these facts about peanut allergies?

  • More than 3 million people in the US are allergic.
  • Rates of peanut allergies in children have tripled between 1997 and 2008 (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)
  • You can find peanuts anywhere: cereals, salad dressings, sauces, soup mixes, and cake icing to name a few. Here’s a list of more.

So as a non allergic, peanut butter loving, baby carrying mama–I have a small (teeny, tiny) fear that I’ll have a kid that has a peanut allergy. On the one hand, peanut allergies tend to run in families. So plus one for us (because we don’t have any). Also, while breastfeeding I can still eat peanuts.

The March of Dimes reports that in 2008 there was a 10-fold greater risk of a peanut allergy in children who did not eat peanuts in infancy or early childhood.

So what’s a pregnant lady to do? Well–I  found no information on the internet that I feel comfortable quoting that is in favor of eating peanuts during pregnancy. I mean, I found reports, but the studies were from the Daily Mail or WebMD, and if there’s anything Dr. Husband has taught me–it’s those are unreliable sources.

So I figure, if I continue to eat peanuts/peanut butter it will be introduced to my kids immune system sooner–and he/she won’t be allergic.

Makes sense right?

I encourage everyone to take a look and really learn what you are eating. It’s a really gross world out there.


Gender Drama

I have been feeling, of late, that there is this unknown mommy war between those who wish to find out vs those who don’t. Everyone I’ve spoken with regarding finding out the gender, when it’s different from my opinion is very defensive (I could be totally wrong, It’s not like me misinterpreting something is uncommon). The comments I hear from my friends range anywhere from, “I want to identify with who is in side of me”, to, “the baby was coming and I wanted to spend as much time with him and not shop”,  to, “I have to decorate the nursery, plan for this, do x”..and I feel like my only response when people ask me why I choose to wait is “Because I want to.”

I don’t have any good reason. Sure, it will be easier on everyone else in the gift giving stage if they know it’s a little J (boy) or a little A (girl), but I mean, I really am perfectly content being patient and waiting. One of the thoughts that I have come to understand with Phil, is that he REALLY wants a boy. Like REALLY wants a boy. So to him finding out early will better prepare him for the “disappointment” if it’s not a girl. At first, I totally agreed. Yes, you need time to process. But then, as time has gone on, and it’s really starting to sink in, I don’t want disappointment associated with this at all! When that baby comes out and “It’s A XX/XY” is shouted, I want it to be the happiest moment. Not “I need three months to process that it’s a girl.” It really does not matter to me. I have fears of boys, what with peeing and being boys and teenagers, and weird. I have fears of girls, mostly that as a teenagers I am guaranteed to hate her. (It’s fine, It is what it is, it’s like a right of passage or something, pay back, who knows, but it’s a thing, and I’m okay with it).

So, here I am 100% happy that I am not finding out. Trying to see how I can convince Phil that he can wait until February as well. I highly doubt there are people out there who REGRETTED finding out. Right?

Anyway. So because I’m not finding out I wanted to see if I matched with any old wives tales. Here are my results:


1. Carrying High/Carrying Low: High means girl, low means boy. Well, considering I’m 14.5 weeks, and I’ve only gained a pound, this one doesn’t count for us. Plus I don’t think it counts anyway because my mom carried me low and I turned out to be a beautiful girl.
2. High Heartbeat/Low Heartbeat:High means girl, low means boy. Well the heartbeat was 160 last week, and they say anything over 140 is girl. But this tale was debunked decades ago. So this doesn’t count.
3.  Craving Sweet/Craving Sour: Sweet means girl, sour means boy. Well, I just crave food. And honestly it’s 50/50 all the way around! Am I even really pregnant? This doesn’t count.
4. Chinese Birth Chart: This has to do with the mothers age, and the month of conception. If both numbers are odd it’s a girl, if both numbers are even it’s a boy. Result: Girl!
5. Acne: If you’re breaking out like crazy, girl. If you’re not, Boy. Result: Girl!
6. Morning Sickness: If you have it, girl. If not, boy. Result: Boy!

And some from Belly, Belly.

1. Dry or Soft Skin. Dry means boy, soft means girl. Result: Boy!
2.  Beautiful or Dry Hair. Dull means girl, beautiful means boy. Result: unknown. Some days my hair looks REALLY good. And other days it looks gross. So. I can’t really guess on this.
3.  Overall Glow: Glow means boy, dull means girl. Result: Boy! (But I think it’s because I have a nice summer tan!)
4. Is one breast bigger than the other? Larger right breast means boy, larger left breast means girl. Result: Girl!
5. Sleeping on the right or left side: left means boy, right means girl. Result: Unknown. I prefer both sides. I fall asleep on the right, but sleep better on the left?
6. Color of Pee: Bright yellow means boy, dull/clear girl. Results: Boy! (also, aren’t you glad you know the color of my pee!)

So by this points are sort of pointing to boy? But I kind of don’t believe it. I’d say the same thing if things were pointing to a girl.

Did you have any old wives tales that were spot on?