Social Media Contests: Rant

Is anyone else as annoyed as I am with the new status quo of social media contests??

Of course, I want to win a stroller, an Ergo, a years supply of diapers, a new wardrobe, whatever, whatever, but I cannot handle the rules of following 10 different vendors/people on 4 different forms of social media. Sure I could follow all these folks, but then I never know when the contest is over and who can I unfollow.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.25.05 PM

Listen, I like my social media to be social. My friend’s kids, their rants (whether I agree with them or not), silly pictures, baby elephants, not….

….Stranger’s babies, breast pumps, bottles of milk, diaper bags, sleep sacks, or people I don’t care about!

What happened to the good old days of submit your information and you’re done. I know you can still do that, but CAN YOU? Having worked for someone who use to rig the winners, I side eye because who would pick the person with one entry instead of the person who entered 10 times?

Look. I want to win in the easiest way possible without doing a lot of work. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?


An Outlet

It’s been three months since I’ve posted (because I have a baby and I’ve been trying to do a zillion other things in my spare time). I’m sorry. Most of you all know us, so you get updates via Facebook or Instagram and for that we are thankful.

But I’m taking to the blogospheres today to ask for your prayers, lights, hope, good juju, everything for a sweet little boy named Hugo.

Hugo turned one just two weeks ago.


This kid is adorable. And a fighter. You see just a few days after his birthday he was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive form of cancer (AT/RT). Science makes the outcome look grim, but for once I’m trying to throw science out the door and believe that miracles do happen. That with the right resources, right minds, and hope–success will prevail.

So shine your light; light some candles; say some prayers because the Canada’s and Hugo need the whole world behind them.

I believe that Hugo will be the miracle doctors talk about for months. If you want to help out this family they are going to have a long, rough, journey ahead of them. The little guy started Chemo today. He will be moving to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital soon (looking at you Ohio family!) .

If you can give this is his donation link .

If you want to follow his journey, here is his facebook page.

Anyway–this is my hope and giving it forward. I have thought of very little else except for this little boy and his family. I have held Anna a little closer each night, snuggled a little longer, and enjoyed each moment with her ten times more than I had the moment before. We never think it will happen to us, and we never want it to be us. So for now, keep the good juju and thoughts coming for this baby.

Anna and I appreciate it!


Pregnancy and Registry

Be prepared. Be prepared for everything.

For those of you who have done a wedding registry,  Emily Post says its important to have a variety of different priced options. It’s okay to have expensive gifts, and it’s okay to have $4 gifts. Your invited guests don’t have to buy you a gift, but if they choose, these are some things you might appreciate and need.

The same goes for a baby registry. Do that and then some. Register for everything you need, and double it. DO NOT REGISTER FOR CLOTHES (I will bite my own tongue here, I do have some onesies on the list, but I don’t have outfits or anything). People will buy those willingly on their own (most likely, those are also the same people who won’t shop off your registry because they don’t want to buy you changing pads, diaper liners, or bottles but I’ve said it before –those are the things you need). Also–again, remember, when you have a baby, people aren’t required to buy you a gift and you shouldn’t expect them to give you a gift–but you should understand (and I understand) that people want to spend money on you. So register for the things you want! Sure right now, baby in womb–I’m all “Why the hell would I need a bottle drying rack for? I have a dishwasher.” But who knows–maybe three months into baby I’ll be OMG! I NEED A DRYING RACK (doubt it because I’m hands down the worst hand dish washer on the planet, but you never know!).

So because I just did some shopping today off a shower registry, and I hate unsolicited advice, but I desperately wanted to call this mommy to be and say “QUICK! Add all these items to your registry”, I am not going to do that– because, I know how much unsolicited advice annoys the shit out of me. (Also–I apparently was looking at an old registry, and she does have a MUCH MORE detailed one at another store that I didn’t even look at!) So here is my internet unsolicited advice, which I presume you are all reading because you want my advice:

1) The second you find out you are pregnant buy this book:
Baby Bargains

or if you are lucky like me, you have a very wonderful friend who will buy it for you.  It was very helpful in helping narrow down all the options down there. From strollers, maternity clothes, baby clothes, cribs, humidifiers, monitors, it’s all there! And it also goes into great detail about things you really don’t need.
2. Lucies List This was the second most important thing. Lucie’s mom didn’t have a clue what to do when pregnant. So she did this. And I love her. Thank you Meg!
3. Ask your friends. Ask all of them. Get books. Get all of them. Compare your registry with friends who are due around the same time (or maybe they already had their kid and their registry is still active). You may find things you didn’t even think about. I did. I didn’t even realize it might be a good idea to register for diaper rash cream, or wipes, or diapers, or soap, do it. Register for it all.
4. DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR PUTTTING TOO MUCH STUFF ON A REGISTRY. If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it. You can buy it yourself. Much like your wedding registry, you may also realize that some of that stuff you registered for is no longer needed (like the 18 pairs of candlesticks that I registered for) and you can return it, and purchase what you do need (bottles, butt cream, and burp clothes).

Also, at 21 weeks, I don’t know a single freaking thing. I haven’t even had my first shower. These are my opinions. I think they are correct, but who knows. There is always room for improvement!



Phil is a Carpenter

I would always consider myself to be sort of handy–into projects. I’ve never really been into the build it yourself stuff, but refinishing projects and getting crafty has always been up my ally. And thanks to Pinterest, I’ve had a number of light bulb ideas these days.  Whenever I have an idea for a project I usually run it past Phil, get some push back, do it anyway, and life is great.

However, every now and then he gets a DIY bug. When he gets it, I’m not going to turn it down because a) he’s so detail oriented that I know it won’t get messed up, and b) he really can build/fix anything. He’s incredibly handy and c) if I tell him no, he might not ever do it again!

So as I mentioned in my last post he got the idea to build a headboard (I’ve been asking for a bed frame for a while) and he found a great “how to” from the DIY Network Folks.

He showed me the picture, and I said okay!

photo 1

First stop, a trip to Lowe’s. I think* the entire project ( wood, stain, poly, everything else) only cost us about $120. Our headboard cost $120!! Kind of shocking when you look at the cost of furniture these days. I do have to thank my Dad for making me learn patience at a young age. I use to have to sit for hours in airplane hangers while he fixed and tinkered. It was endless hours of boredom.  I did this without an Iphone. I tried to do Lowe’s without an Iphone, but that was impossible. How did I use to entertain myself?? The most tedious aspect was picking out wood. We had to ensure that there were no curves so that they would all be flush with each other. That probably took two hours.

Next Assembly:

photo 2 photo 3

It was raining the day we bought everything, so Phil but it together right on our living room floor. While I watched a marathon of Snapped on the Oxygen channel.

photo 4

Just about finished project!

Now, I should have been a better photographer and took pictures of the staining, and polying process. But I forgot, got tired, didn’t think about it. We choose Dark Walnut as our stain, because I don’t like the look of Oak, and I feel like Dark furniture can sometimes last longer. It won’t “tire” as easy as a light wood.

Phil drilled some holes into the bottom so it would connect with our bed rail and ta da:

We have a new bed!

photo 5

I have to remove the pictures because they don’t fit behind the bedframe anymore. And now my next craft is to find better bed side tables. The ones I currently have were my Uncle Charlie’s, and they have gone from black, to white, to me and my Dad refinishing them (current condition). They are sturdy and have lasted MANY moves. But I’m tired of them. They don’t go with my current motif, and I don’t think I can get them to a motif that I like.

Next big project will take place in 3 weeks: Painting the upstairs.

Next refinishing project: Turning a bookcase into a closet. (**We did it! Read about it here**)

This Month’s Edition of Things Melissa wants:

I am a product of wanting. I always want more than I need. In this situation, I feel I have some flexibility in want vs need. My body’s changing and there’s no way my small clothes will fit on a bigger me, right? right? We need to convince Phil to spend money on me.

So some additional things I want:
1) All wrap dresses. They are perfect at hiding that maternity bump, plus as long as my arms stay semi the same, I could probably wear them through the whole pregnancy.
Wrap Dresses

2) Remember my post about prenatal yoga? Well on top of my $44 a month gym membership, yoga is a pretty penny too. I signed up for the beginner trial class, which was $32 for a package. If I did one class a month it would be $14 a class. Which isn’t terrible, but isn’t ideal. If I did a package a week it’s $60 per month. And if I wanted to do the same class every week for 3 months it’s $168. It’s expensive! I think I will stick to the once a month, because it’s basically the equivalent of a manicure, or lunch with friends, but I don’t think we can afford the actual packages.

3) Phil and I were both spoiled with cloth diapers. They are so cute these days! And much easier to clean then they use to be. My MIL tells me horror stories of this thing called “dipping”. I want all of the cloth diapers. (I’m an environmental nut job, did you think I could even manage to do normal diapers?!)
Here are some cute samples:

multi colored Patterned
They can be purchased here and here

4) Citrus Lane Subscription. I love a gift of the month club. This one changes as your child grows. So you can get stuff during pregnancy, newborn, and toddler stages. I’d probably end up cancelling it after six months, but would love to try it out on the baby and me!

5) And finally, my body is changing (duh!), but like really changing. My hips have always been good birthing hips, and now they are shifting a little bit, so sleeping is basically worthless. But, all my pregnant mama’s have sworn by this:


It’s okay to want all of these things right?