Oh, hello again!

Eight months pregnant is about the time I stop being consistent on the blog. Oops.

Where are we? I’m 31 weeks pregnant today! Nothing too exciting has happened  which may be why I have stopped updating.

I went to Savannah this past weekend with my high school best girlfriends and it was just SO, SO, SO, SO needed on so many levels. Needed for me because I have zero friends in Florida and these are the loves of my life, needed for Phil and Anna to have a full one on one weekend together. Each time I have I gone on one of these trips I always come home with a stronger appreciation for my friends, my marriage, and my kid. Plus, selfishly, I am really happy that I am still best of friends with my high school best friends and I wish we were doing another trip in two weeks instead of two years. I get that we are a rarity, but we work hard to stay connected because we are the people who know each other the best and we’ve given each other the opportunity to grow and change, and we still love each other despite our differences (I mean, I have a friend voting for Trump).

I keep looking back at my blog to see where I am compared to where I was with Anna. This point last time, I had a list of what to bring to the hospital and was referencing it to pack three times a day. Now? I bought a robe? (I realized last time that I had zero appropriate nursing clothes). I guess I should write a list. I can do that. I’m very into lists. I still haven’t brought the bin of baby clothes in or set up the little “nursery space” (if you can call it that) upstairs. I have yet to re-read any baby books (as a refresher) or anything. I’m basically just coasting and like, I guess this baby is coming? I don’t know. It’s weird to feel so unprepared and yet prepared at the same time. I mean, I don’t even know if we have bottles? pacifiers? any of that stuff you “need” when a baby comes. I am assuming it’s just a bunch of Target runs? I have tons of stuff that I need to buy (like nursing tops and stuff), but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

I’m more interested in packing up our house, which seems not important but also highly important at the same time.

Updates this week!


How Far Along: 31 Weeks
Size of Baby: Small clawed otter without the tail? Sure, Okay. Supposedly the baby is as long as it’s going to get which is pretty long right now. I can feel pressure pretty low, and I can feel kicks PRETTY HIGH. Twice this week I’ve had to do yoga positions at work to move the baby down because I’m pretty sure my lungs are not an ideal place to take up residency.
Movement: I am finding myself wondering if I will miss this movement? Currently, I do not think I will.
Status of my Belly: Well, I’ve had one person this week exclaim “WOW! You are really showing” and in the midst of writing this another person came in my office to tell me they can “see that my belly has started to poke out more”. Comments that are….not needed? I’ve gained just under 30 lbs, but I don’t think you can really tell (but OMG I still have max 9 weeks left and where can this other weight go?)
Doctor’s Appointments: After our last appointment we toured the hospital. It’s no MCV (let’s face it, nothing is), but it’s doable. I suppose. the labor room is half the size of MCV. Tubs are only available if I fight for it and we don’t have the luxury suite that we did at MCV. Granted, it set the bar pretty high, but this will do. The benefit is that they don’t keep you in the hospital for that long down here, so hopefully this will be an easy transition. I go tomorrow. I will be checked to see if I am measuring accordingly (I should be on track). She is also going to check to see if I am dilated or effaced due to the 12,000 steps a day I will get next weekend at Disney World.


Baby Update

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was in my third trimester. That was false. I am NOW  in my third trimester, which also means my hormones, my comfort level, all of that jazz…is in a really great place. Also, because of my third trimester status and because of some labeling on my medicine, I will be off of Zoloft for the next 10/11/8/whoknows how many weeks until this baby comes. **It’s fine to take, It’s also not fine to take, so even though I’m lenient with food and alcohol and everything else, I’ve found the one thing that this is something I’m not willing to be lenient on. Also, if I don’t take it there’s a chance that I may go into early labor, WHICH IS INTERESTING BECAUSE MAYBE THAT’S WHY ANNA CAME EARLY. I mean a husband interviewing all over the country? A terrible job? A pipe bursting in our house in the middle of winter when he was god knows where?No family within a quick distance to help? I’m sure NONE of that played into her delivery.**

So anyway, this all means that I am on high alert and a REALLY friendly person to be around. I say this as I cringe literally every five minutes because my co-workers WON’T STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS AND LET ME LIVE.

Also, because of this heightened sense of annoyance, I’ve also started planning out things that will annoy me once the baby comes. Or even, like right now, I swear to God if I hear one more person ask me if I am hoping for a boy, tell me that they hope it’s a boy, anything effing boy related with this child that is growing in my uterus I will scream. I will scream in their face and start ripping my hair out and you can punish me to the Salem Witch Trials. I am sure mother’s of boys have this same question when they are pregnant, but people, I know you think you are being cheeky, I know you think you are just starting conversation, but for ONE second can you think how it may sound to the person you are talking to? Like the first gender/sex of their baby isn’t good enough. So let’s hope for the next.

I’ve also enlisted my gal pals to pretty much have at it if anyone makes the following comments on my Facebook page once we announce this baby’s birth:

  • If it’s a girl “Guess you’ll have to try again for a boy!” Nope. we in fact don’t have to try again. We can be perfectly happy with two girls.
  • If it’s a girl “Maybe next time you’ll get a boy!” Nope. Just because we didn’t get a boy, doesn’t mean we are going to try again for a boy.
  • If it is a boy “Guess you’re done now!” Nope. Just because we have one of each, doesn’t mean we won’t stop procreating to fill the world with smart children.

Just really. Here’s the thing. When people have a baby the only thing you should EVER SAY: Congratulations! S/he is beautiful! What a happy family! Best Wishes. Mazel! Whatever.

Any of those are fine. Why people feel the need to comment on a baby’s gender is beyond me.  Can’t you just be happy that it’s a baby?

The end.

Baby Update

FullSizeRender (7)

How Far Along: 29 Weeks
Size of Baby: Pineapple. Supposedly the baby is 16 inches and 2lbs. And now any weight gain over the next 10 weeks will just be baby.
Movement: Moving and grooving. I “think” the baby is transverse. Which means me taking a lot of yoga poses to get this baby in a proper position.
Status of my Belly: The same size as it was with Anna at this point. It also moves and jumps too!
Doctor’s Appointments: Tomorrow I start my biweekly appointments (technically I started them two weeks ago, but this is my first appointment two weeks after my last appointment). We also get to tour the hospital which will be nice because I have looked online a million times and I still have ZERO clue where to go.

Second Pregnancy Wants

Anna’s baby registry was full of just about everything because well…we didn’t have anything. And there were a lot of items that I didn’t place on the list (because they were stupid like a bottle warmer or a wipe warmer). And also, it’s like EVERYONE seems to want to invent a toy these days. So half the time, I’m not sure if this is something I NEED or something that would have just been neat to have. And over the course of two years and realizing what would have been nice, I’ve put together my top 10 list of items parents should put on their registry.

  1. Skip the bathtub with the fancy bubbles and the weight machine that takes up the entire tub. Instead a nicer option is something smaller for the baby to rest on and (in our case) can place in the tub with the older sibling so bath time happens at the same time. I picked this up off of our local Buy, Sell, Trade Group. It’s the Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub. Previously, I had the Angel Care Bath Support on our list (it was cheaper than the Munchkin splurge, but…can’t beat $10). Tub
  2. Hooks for the stroller. I walked around for 2 years lugging diaper bags and purses. That was so dumb. I finally purchased these hooks in January and they have been a life saver. Hooks
  3. Buy the expensive thermometer. Don’t fuss with the $10 one under the arm. Spend the money. Buy this one.
  4. I have this on my current wish list. I have friends who have said it is a lifesaver. It’s a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Holder. How many times did I cart Anna to the grocery store before she could sit up and place her in her carseat, in the cart, and get like five groceries. It was impossible to grocery shop. This seems like a reasonable purchase to me. And so convenient. And if I may add, comfortable? Hammock
  5. The DockaTot. I mean. This thing. It’s arriving today (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and I could not be more excited for it. As soon as it comes I might lay down in it. Supposedly, this is super awesome for newborns because they don’t like space and this keeps them enclosed. I probably will place it in the co-sleeper we have and then carry it around all day.
  6. Car Seat Placement thingie. I went a long time without this. And then every time I vacuumed the car, I was appalled by the amount of gross that was under Anna’s carseat. It was disgusting. This has at least kept it at bay some what. I found some on our local BST group so we have four. Phew.
  7. A noise machine. We have/had three of these. Someone bought me a giraffe noise machine (maybe I requested it). And then overtime it was not cutting it. We opted for the cheap route, and they are life savers. Never leave home without it. It’s loud, it’s small, it DOES IT ALL.
  8. Let’s circle back to bath time. A bath mat is pretty important once that little one starts standing. And walking. And running in the tub. We went through two before finally settling on one that didn’t have mold (bonus if you can find one that comes with a kneeling pad).
  9. IF we had the space for it at the time I would have done better furniture wise. Buy a designated kids bookshelf and toy organizer because they are super important. LIKE SUPER IMPORTANT. If you want to have any sanity at all.
  10. And spend the money on a structured carrier. Like an Ergo or a Tula. I’ve had a moby, a ring sling, a boba, a EVERYTHING. Nothing even comes close to my ergo. I’ve got a request out there for an infant insert (mesh) because of Florida summers. But I would not have survived much of Anna’s first year if it wasn’t for a carrier.

That’s it. Now go spend your money! Oh, and understand you will probably go through 80 diaper “bags” before finally finding one you like.

The Final Streeeeeeetch…

is what happens everyday that I pull on pants. My pants say “this is it, this is as stretchy as we can go.”

I do not remember having this many clothes related annoyances with Anna. Did I? I was on a pretty steady wardrobe of Phil’s shirts, leggings, and dresses. Maybe that’s why it was easier, it was winter so I could dress in layers, whereas now I live in the swamp and it’s hot and sweaty, and air conditioned and I don’t want to buy clothes because I MEAN HELLO I HAVE TWELVE MORE WEEKS LEFT (OR TEN).

Is it time for Phil to just give me a big check and “go buy clothes with it” yet? (because I won’t. I’ll wait until after the baby or at least I’ll buy a bunch of nursing tops at the very least given our new circumstances).

In exciting news, my first paper as lead author is published (well it was accepted by the journal, I’ll find out when it’s published soon enough). So, I’m published as a lead author and a second author. I’m kind of a big deal and I kind of know what I’m talking about when it comes to water. In case you never believed me before.

Anna has successfully been to daycare all week in her underpants. She’s come home two days in a row with the same outfit and the same underpants on. This is starting to become very exciting stuff, y’all. She still wears a diaper at naptime and bedtime because a) there’s no way she knows to hold it through the night and b) if she doesn’t hold out she will wake up crying and we need to sleep.

I’ve started preparing for my upcoming Disney vacation. I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant, which means I’m on the “raised-eyebrow-are-you-sure-about-this” watch. I’ll be going the first weekend in May and it will more than likely be warm. I’ve started doing intervals on the treadmill at the gym 3 times a week (usually about 6 miles or so). Disney is usually about 7-12 miles in a day. My plans are to sit down, a lot, use the bag holder on the stroller to not have the added weight on my back, drink a ton of water and gatorade, and take full advantage of those midday naps. I’m 96% not worried about it at all. I also sadly will probably be wearing tennis shoes which goes against everything in my body, but I’m pregnant so, nah, nah, nah, nah.

It’s strawberry picking season in Florida, so guess where we are going tomorrow! The real question is if we will eat more than we pay for-looking at you kid.

Baby Updates:


How Far Along: 27 Weeks.
Size of Baby: Size of a bunch of bananas. Which makes sense because for 18 out of these 27 weeks all I did was eat bananas.
Total Weight Gain:  I’m 156 lbs. Which oddly is the same weight I was this time with Anna, and I am now giving my computer a very funny look because it says my total weight gain should be 170 and I was aiming for 160 so I’m pretty much like, huh, even without exercising I’m doing better than I was with Anna. BUT WHY AREN’T MY PANTS FITTING.
Symptoms: We’ve had a real lack of sleep in this house. From bathroom breaks, to starving, to just being in pain, it’s really taking a toll. So far the solution has been working out (surprising ZERO people that it works) and bringing a bowl of grapes upstairs with me so at 3:00 am when I wake up ravenous, I pop a couple of grapes and feel better.
Eats: Vanilla Ice Cream and Hershey’s syrup. It’s good.
Doctor’s Appointments: Had two today. I had my first glucose screening test. I had to drink some limeade concoction in 5 minutes or less and get my blood drawn an hour after the drink and then an hour later. My heartburn is pretty prevalent today.

I also had my first of the bi-weekly centering classes. My body is measuring at 26 weeks (which is good!), heart rate is fine, everything is fine, fine, fine, fine. We go back in two weeks to tour the hospital, which sadly will NOT be as nice as MCV.


Is Conversation dying? Maybe just mine.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to be heard, they listen with the intent to reply”.

Just let that sink in. Think about it. How often do you ask someone a question, only to half listen because you’ve thought of something else to say, you know how to solve their problem/have a “suggestion” for what worked for you, or you don’t really care? When you ask someone a question, I encourage you to be engaged with their answer. Listen. Acknowledge their feelings. Acknowledge the situation. Ask more questions! And then go into your answer. It takes practice and time, but it can completely improve a conversation, considering most people are QUITE aware when you have stopped listening (a dead give away is “mmhmmm” after a really long statement and then a quick change of subject).

This all stemmed from my postpartum meeting with my client this weekend. She wanted to discuss and digest and let go. She had a goal of having an unmedicated birth and ended up having an epidural so she felt as though she didn’t meet her goal. I could have responded a million ways “you did met your goal, you had your baby”, “hundreds of people have epidurals it’s not a big deal”, “you had epidurals with your other babies, this one wasn’t so different.”Instead, I acknowledged her disappointment. It must be frustrating to have a plan, a mindset, and come so close and not make it. Only after acknowledging her frustration did I then commend her on how awesome she did. Forty hours of labor without an epidural! Two hours of “I can’t” before she finally REALLY COULD NOT. The beauty of birth is not HOW we have a baby, but that we HAD a baby.

This whole situation got me thinking to conversations I have with people and mostly my lack of them because I’ve become so aware to listening and conversation techniques. I’m an open book if you ask me a question, and you are GENERALLY interested in something. But a vague, open “how are you doing? how are you feeling? What’s new?” I won’t give specifics and I end up being very vague with my answer. Because those aren’t questions that show you really care. Questions like “how did your conferences go? How many people attended?” “How is potty training going” “Do you have stuff for the baby?” “What are you making for dinner this week?”OR if you read this blog, questions about things I write in it. It’s usually not be just spouting off, I try to create conversation. I don’t know. Just anything really. When did conversing become so hard and teeth pulling like?

Maybe it’s some weird developed trait of being so introverted over the past two years, but it’s definitely made me more aware of my conversations, both as a listener and a talker. I’m not saying I’m a good listener either, I definitely have A LOT of room for improvement. But I try to only focus on the conversation I am having at the time, I make mistakes and I realize I make them and I try to be a better listener the next time (looking at you Kristin J.; sorry for changing the topics so much –insert monkey covering mouth emoji). Give or take with a toddler in my presence. Or maybe this is just all the hormones talking. Who knows.

I think the world could all manage to be a much better place if we all just listened to each other a lot more and acknowledged each other’s feelings.

Updates with Baby


Side note: That skirt is from my senior year of high school. I’m feeling PRETTY good about not wearing any maternity clothes today.

How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of Baby: Bowling Pin/Butternut squash. Kid clocks in at 2 lbs and just over 12 inches.
Total Weight Gain: Eye roll. I’m 9 lbs away from where I was with Anna, and I still have 14 weeks to go.
Movement: Get your tickets for the show, starts at 7 pm and goes until 5 am.
Status of my Belly: Pretty sure it popped 2 more inches last night.
Organization Status: I found this list titled “40 bags in 40 days” and essentially it was like, go through one thing at a time to organize and purge. Last night I did the laundry room. I’ve already made $28 from stuff I sold. And it’s organized. And clean! Next up is one Kitchen cabinet. Stuff we haven’t used in a year? Get going.  


Mixed Feelings

Two days ago I thought to myself, I love being pregnant. I forgot how much I loved this stage and how great it is and blah blah. Today? Between last night and today I might have reached my breaking point. I have 15 weeks left. I’m supposed to get bigger? How in the heck am I going to breath? How come walking the dogs, brushing the dogs, and changing the sheets on the bed are enough to exhaust me like running a 10k would? A snail passed me on my way to work today. I waddle. I can’t eat complete meals anymore, yet I’m hungry all the time. Like, 65% of the time.

and I’m only going to get bigger.

TO BE FAIR. I know I’m not that big, but I think I forgot about this stuff last year. I vaguely remember not being able to put on tights and shoes and stuff, but I don’t remember not being able to move. I also don’t want this baby to come anytime soon because I’ve got stuff to do (and buy).

Life with the Taylor’s this week has been pretty great. For the first time in like three months we had a weekend with zero plans and we did all the fun things. We voted for Hillary in the primary. We went to the park. We went shopping for fun. We have started arranging the house (and buying yardsale/craigslist furniture for cheap) and I’m getting antsy about wanting to throw all the things away and pick all the things up. Purging is my happy place.

Last night Phil and I celebrated our third year anniversary. And for the third year in a row we didn’t do anything 🙂 One day we will. I actually don’t mind not going out on a date or doing dinner or anything on our anniversary. Instead we forego Valentines day and still get each other gifts in accordance with the year. So, this year I got new Jack Rogers (leather) and Phil got a passport holder (leather). We are so burnt out from life and pregnancy and a toddler that it’s hard to just go enjoy a meal when we both just want to lay down and watch March Madness. Eventually we will start doing something, but for now this is good enough. As I went upstairs last night I leaned over the balcony and said, “It’s not that I don’t love you, I just am too fat to enjoy sitting on the couch with you right now.”

Speaking of antsy and looking for things to do, I have 4 countdowns on my phone. 1) Savannah 2) Work Meeting 3) Baby and 4) Big Day. I obsessively check them. I’m ready to get started if you can’t tell!

Baby This Week:


Surprise! I got bored on Tuesday night and gave myself bangs. Oops.

How Far Along: 25 weeks (It’s funny to read that I felt the exact same way with Anna at this point).
Size of Baby: Baseball Glove/Prairie Dog. Kid weighs 2 lbs!
Total Weight Gain: I’m a beached whale.
Movement: I’ve got an Anna #2 in there. This baby dances a lot. And responds to certain books that my child makes me read every night (Go Dog Go and Are you my Mother–which Anna so cutely says “the egg jumped!”).
Status of my Belly: I just am in shock that it’s going to get bigger. It looks like a there is a full size baby in there.

To be fair though, if you look at the side by side picture of me pregnant with Anna at 25 weeks and this baby..I look to be the same size. So I guess I just forgot. oops.
Doctor’s Appointments: For once we’ve got no doctor appointments for a while! But what we do have is Melissa’s need to organize everything. So that’s what I will be doing. For the next 10-11 weeks. Oh. And I’m also hiring a maid because I can’t clean the bathroom anymore and you know who isn’t picking up a toilet brush anytime soon.